• Boris Nikolic

Tech in Serbia

And yes, DLD Conference has arrived to Belgrade! Apparently the creativity, skills and the potential of Serbia and Belgrade is ripe to host such a prestigious conference. Belgrade has joined the likes of Munich, Singapore, Tel Aviv, New York, Berlin etc.

Held at recently refurbished and (after 15 years) open for business, the National Museum was perfect place for DLD Salon. The speakers included wide variety of “made” people in art, technology, design, music, science, education, government etc.

I have personally felt great energy being around lots of humble, but very knowledgeable people, that were eager to share their life and work experience. I am honored and excited to apparently be a member of the DLD network now, and looking forward to attend some of the future conferences!

Some of the main personal takeaways from the conference:

1. Serbia has the capacity to locally develop cutting edge technology that is globally competitive, as the 3Lateral based in Novi Sad proves it. Building the technology that enables real-time interaction with digital humans, 3Lateral can “rig” any face or facial expression.

2. We have learnt that WeWork is considering to open space in Belgrade! This is yet another sign that Serbia is a great place to build startups, technology, and tackle global markets.

3. Foreign startups are increasingly finding Serbia as the highly attractive location to base their R&D, as it is the case with the “deep tech” AVA.

4. The likes of Serbia-based Nordeus (gaming) and BioSense (biotech) have made it to the top of their industries globally.

5. Belgrade Science and Technology Park will soon be joined by Novi Sad (Northern Serbia) and Nis (Southern Serbia) with their own Science and Technology parks, as the Serbian Prime Minister told us at the conference.

How long it will take before another locally built but globally competitive startup is built in Serbia?

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